Saturday, January 31, 2004

Bush versus Dukakis: The Sequel

Mark Steyn argues that the Democrats' trip down memory lane in search of Bush's National Guard performance could do more damage to John Kerry than George Bush. Jonah Goldberg isn't too worried about a President Kerry. Just as it was in 1988, the 2004 election will be a contest between a Republican named Bush against an ultra-liberal Democrat from Massachusetts. Read Matthew Continetti's column "The Many Faces of John Kerry" and "Vetting the Vet's Record," by Mackubin Thomas Owens. George Will explains why this election might be as important as the election of 1932, despite the GOP's acceptance of "strong government." Mark Steyn explains that Democrats, not President Bush, are disengaged from the international community.
William F. Buckley's 1971 speech at West Point describes a John Kerry who is ashamed, not proud, of his military service in Vietnam. Mickey Kaus has the goods on Kerry.