Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Irshad Manji

From Page 3 of Manji's "The Trouble With Islam"

Not solely because of September 11, but more urgently because of it, we've got to end Islam's totalitarianism, particularly the gross human rights violations against women and religious minorities. You'll want to assure me that what I'm describing in this open letter to you isn't "true" Islam. Frankly, such a distinction wouldn't have impressed Prophet Mohammad, who said that religion is the way we conduct ourselves toward others ---- not theoretically, but actually. By that standard, how Muslims behave is Islam. To sweep that reality under the rug is to absolve ourselves of responsibility for our fellow human beings. See why I'm struggling? As I view it, the trouble with Islam is that lives are small and lies are big. Totalitarian impulses lurk in mainstream Islam. That's one hell of a charge, I know. Please hear me out. I'll show you what I mean, as calmly as I can.