Tuesday, July 06, 2004

John Kerry chooses Edwards

Here's where I evaluate John Kerry's selection of North Carolina's senior US Senator, John Edwards, to be his running mate against the Bush-Cheney ticket. John Kerry made a mistake. North Carolina's natural conservatism (it preferred Bush over Gore in the 2000 race by more than 10 percent) means Edwards will not be able to help Kerry win North Carolina's 15 electoral votes.

And Kerry passed up the opportunity to pick a running mate that could help him win Florida (Bill Nelson or Bob Graham) or Missouri (Richard Gephardt). And the business community is already upset about the Edwards selection because he made a fortune throwing lawsuits at businesses. Add in the fact that a few months ago John Kerry himself said that John Edwards would need on the job training because of his lack of experience and the only positive about Kerry's pick is a running mate who is comfortable in front of the television cameras.

The National Journal has rated Edwards the US Senate's 4th most liberal Senator, which places him a bit to the left of John Kerry who ranked 1st. I'd say the Bush-Cheney campaign team had a better day than Kerry's campaign team did.